Advocate Spotlight: Amy Walters

This month's Advocate Spotlight shines on Amy Walters.  Amy has been a passionate You're the Cure advocate for several years, however, her leadership to implement CPR in schools has been instrumental in the success of this life-saving program.  Recently, Amy shared with us where her passion for her volunteerism comes from and why this issue has been important in her advocacy work. 

hero_image_alt_text===Picture of Amy Walters
thumbnail_alt_text===Picture of Amy Walters

Amy, you’ve been a key contributor to our CPR in Schools program.  Where does your motivation to champion this issue come from? 

Amy:  "Every day in our schools we are working hard to prepare our children for the future.  Providing students with the opportunity to know how to respond appropriately in an emergency aligns with this focus on providing students the skills they will need for the future.  In this case, a skill that could literally save lives."  

 In your efforts to educate administrators, teachers and students about the importance of learning CPR, what is something that you have learned from them in this process? 

Amy: "Schools are under immense pressure to provide quality instruction. It is often difficult to accommodate all the requests for staff and student time.  It is important to recognize the challenges that schools face and share the long term benefits for both the students and larger community." 

What advice would you give to someone else who wants to get involved in advocacy?

Amy: "Working together we have the power to make a difference in the fight against heart disease and stroke.  It is important to stay committed to your beliefs, problem solve when challenges arise, and celebrate success."

The American Heart Association applauds Amy's efforts with CPR and other issues that support the mission of the AHA.   


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