Advocate Highlight - Turner Prewitt

Turner Prewitt was given the “gift of life” when he received his new heart in August of 2008. His firsthand experience with heart disease has led Turner to become a dedicated volunteer with the American Heart Association.


Turner originally became involved by participating in our annual Heart Walk, eventually forming his own team. He participated in his first Heart Walk in 2009 and by 2014 his team had 122 walkers and they raised $10,000 for heart disease and stroke research.

His dedication didn’t stop there, in search of other ways to give back, Turner discovered the advocacy branch of our organization. Turner has become a dedicated You’re the Cure volunteer. He has attended our annual Washington State Advocacy Day since 2012. With the help of Turner and advocates like you, Washington passed lifesaving legislation in 2013 that ensures all Washington high school students will receive hands on CPR training. Turner also lent his voice in 2015 to help pass a bill that ensures all newborns in Washington are screened for heart defects with a simple test called pulse oximetry.

We want to thank Turner for everything he does for the American Heart Association. It is with volunteers like Turner and you that we accomplish the important things we do to improve quality of life in our state.

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