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Advocate Calls On Lawmakers: Resolve to Spend More to Curb Tobacco Use


On December 26, 2015 the Charlotte Observer published an opinion editorial written by Dr. Sandra Burke, You’re the Cure NC advocate and member of the American Heart Association’s Charlotte Board of Directors. In the editorial, Dr. Burke points out that among the 50 states, North Carolina ranks 45th in the amount it spends to prevent tobacco use, a leading cause of preventable death.  Our state spends $1.2 million, which is only 1.2 percent of the amount that the Centers for Disease Control recommends that states spend to curb tobacco use and support programs to help smokers quit.

As an advocate she is calling on NC lawmakers to address this issue in 2016 by providing additional funding for tobacco use prevention and cessation programs.  In her words, "Tobacco claims 14,400 lives and costs the state $3.8 billion in health care bills annually. These figures are appalling and we must invest whatever it takes to change these trends now!"

Read the article here.

Take Action!  You can add your voice to Dr. Burke’s by sending your lawmakers the link to Dr. Burke’s editorial.  Urge them to support additional funding for tobacco use prevention and cessation programs.  Remember to email Betsy Vetter to let her know that you wrote to your lawmakers! 

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