What do you think of the Advocacy Pulse?

The Advocacy Pulse newsletter has been a major part of the You’re the Cure program for years. Whether from Washington, D.C. or your hometown, our goal has always been to provide the latest advocacy news that you care about. In saying that, we know that you receive a lot of email (probably more than you can read!) and we want to make sure the Advocacy Pulse is meeting your needs.

thumbnail_alt_text===Tell us what you think

Therefore, we have two announcements to make!

  1. We want to hear from you! Take just a few minutes to tell us what you like, don’t like, and ways to improve the Advocacy Pulse newsletter. Your feedback is crucial as we look to improve the Pulse!
  2. Knowing all of us struggle to keep up with our emails, we are moving to a subscription model, thus ensuring advocates who want to receive the newsletter do and those who do not, don’t. No need to worry though, since you’ve been an active reader of the newsletter, you are automatically on the list!

Thank you for being such an avid reader and we look forward to improving the Advocacy Pulse newsletter!

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