Advocacy Staff Attends Policy Summit in Minneapolis!


The last week of June was a busy one for myself, Robin (NYC) and Patricia (Boston). The three of us spent a few days in Minneapolis at a Voices For Healthy Kids Policy Summit, where we discussed campaign work around Healthy Food Financing Initiatives, Physical Education, and Complete Streets. We met colleagues all across the country that are either working on similar campaigns as we are or have successfully implemented one of these campaigns in their own state.

Attached is a picture of the Twin Cities Mobile Market - which was an old Metro Transit Bus that they converted into a grocery store on wheels. This bus brings affordable, healthy foods to under-resourced neighborhoods. The bus stopped by to pay us a visit and let us tour their very successful enterprise!

We came away with so many new tools and resources to use in our upcoming campaigns and all three of us are anxious to get home and get to work!

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