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Advocates are heading up to the State House today to ask their legislators for support on some of our issues, I am really excited to join them and have their voice be heard. You may not be able to join us in person today, but your voice can still make a difference! Ask your legislators for support of CPR training, access to AEDs and Pulse Ox Screening for Newborns by joining You're the Cure today!

 Nearly 383,000 people have cardiac arrest outside of a hospital every year, and only 11% survive, most likely because they don’t receive timely CPR. Given right away, CPR doubles or triples survival rates. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen any place, at any time. If you suffer sudden cardiac arrest, your best chance at survival is receiving bystander CPR until EMTs arrive. But most do not. That’s a reality that has to change, starting today. We are asking our legislators to support teaching students CPR before they graduate!

Congenital cardiovascular defects (CHD) take a significant financial and emotional toll on families in Massachusetts and across the country. But pulse oximetry screening, or pulse ox, can help identify newborns at risk for heart defects and potentially save their lives. Pulse ox is a non-invasive, inexpensive test conducted on newborns before they leave the hospital. It greatly improves the effectiveness and likelihood of detecting critical or possibly life-threatening heart defects that might otherwise go undetected. CHD are a real problem, and pulse ox is needed. Ask your legislators to require Pulse Ox screening of all newborns!

Thank you for making sure that our issues have a face and a story!


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