Advocacy and Development Working Together to Promote Mission with Major Heart Walk Sponsor


The Rocky Neck Heart Walk offers a great opportunity for Connecticut’s Advocacy Department to work with Development staff to promote AHA’s mission and garner support for key public policy initiatives.

John Bailey, Director of Government Relations, recently attended a planning meeting for the Rocky Neck Heart Walk at the Mohegan Sun Resort, a major donor to the event, where development staff along with Mohegan Sun’s Mike Hamilton, Vice President of Resort Operations, discussed opportunities to promote AHA’s mission. With the support of the Mohegan Sun, heart walk promotional materials, including a Heart Healthy Cookbook with Volunteer contributed recipes, will contain AHA mission messaging. 

The Mohegan Sun is also assisting with raising the profile of the CPR in Schools campaign by giving Advocacy Department staff the opportunity to circulate CPR in Schools petition cards to staff members and at tribal events.

This is great example of how AHA’s departments are working together to raise awareness and resources to further the organization’s “2020 Impact Goal.”  

Picture-  John Bailey (AHA), Sarah McMullen (AHA), Debra Johnson (Mohegan Sun), Kristen Creston (AHA), Mike Hamilton (Mohegan Sun)

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