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Active Children Will Thrive in the Commonwealth


You and I both know that childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions, and that overweight/obese children have a much greater risk than their healthy weight peers of developing and dying from chronic diseases as they grow older. We also know that one important way to stop the  rise in obesity and chronic disease in our children is to  establish lifelong physical activity habits, which can be accomplished with strong physical education programs and regular physical activity opportunities in our nation’s schools.

Children must be physically active at school and learn about staying  healthy through exercise and a balanced diet. If  lessons of lifetime physical activity and healthy food and beverage choices are modeled at both school and home, children will have the optimal foundation for healthy living. Unfortunately, many schools are cutting back on traditional physical education programs because of budgetary concerns and competing academic demands. Physically active children are more likely to thrive academically and socially. Children who receive 30 minutes a day of quality physical education learn more effectively and achieve more academically. Through effective physical education, children learn how to incorporate safe and healthy activities into their lives. Physical education is an integral part of developing the “whole” child for success in social settings and the learning environment.

Will you join with us and work with your legislators to help us ensure that we are offering our kids high quality PE?

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