Act Now

  • Attend a Community Meeting
    • Join us at one of our upcoming community meetings. Contact [email protected] for more information. 
  • Endorse the Serve Kids Better Denver Initiative  
    • Commit to Change and Volunteer If Desired! Commit Your Support for Healthy Drink Choices on Denver Restaurant Kids' Menus!
    • Please enter your information to commit your support for restaurants making healthy drink choices the standard option on kids' menus and send your council member a message.
    • Once you complete this form, we will also be able to update you on volunteer opportunities to help educating Denver residents on the importance of healthy drinks. Some ways you can volunteer include:
      • Table at a community event
      • Develop communication collateral
      • Share information on social media
      • Lead a meeting with your city council member
      • Write a letter of support to your city council member
      • Write an op-ed that we can submit to the newspaper
      • If you have a different event where you would like to educate and spread awareness, (like your church, or an event you are a part of) send an email to Andrea Pascual and we would love to be there or help get materials so you can share!