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Act Now

  • Attend a Community Meeting
    • Join us at one of our upcoming community meetings. Contact Andrea Pascual at for more information. 
  • Endorse the Serve Kids Better Denver Initiative  
    • We want to be able to demonstrate how the Denver community supports a Healthy Kids’ Meal policy strategy to ensure children stay healthy and cultivate healthy eating behaviors as they grow up. 
    • Send to endorse page
  • Commit to Change
    • Picture of pledge card
    • Commit Your Support for Healthy Drink Choices on Denver Restaurant Kids' Meus!
    • Please enter your information to commit your support for restaurants making healthy drink choices the standard option on kids' menus and send your council member a message
    • Send this to YTC Action Page
  • Volunteer 

    • We need your help educating Denver residents on the importance of healthy drinks and asking them to outreach their councilmembers.
    • If you are interested in volunteering, please email Andrea Pascual Some ways you can volunteer include:
      • Table at a community event
      • Develop communication collateral
      • Share information on social media
      • Lead a meeting with your city council member
      • Write a letter of support to your city council member
      • Write an op-ed that we can submit to the newspaper
      • If you have a different event where you would like to educate and spread awareness, (like your church, or an event you are a part of) send an email to <INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS> and we would love to be there or help get materials so you can share!