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ACT FAST: Urge Your Senator to Stop SB 703


 A bill that would undermine hundreds of local ordinances and community college policies that protect citizens and students from the danger of second-hand smoke in outdoor spaces is moving through the General Assembly at breakneck speed.

SB 703 is poised to destroy local authority to determine the best health policy for local citizens. People who used to have to walk through a cloud of smoke to enter a government or college building could suddenly find themselves doing it again, and breathing harmful vapors in the process.

ACT FAST: Please urge your Senator to stop SB 703.

North Carolina has made a lot of progress with smoke-free air policies. After bars and restaurants became smoke-free in 2009, colleges and local communities took the lead to make their campuses smoke-free. Thirty-five of the state's 58 community colleges adopted a tobacco-free campus policy. These policies would be repealed if SB 703 is allowed to become law.

SB 703 would do more than halt our forward momentum on smoke-free air policies. It would move us backwards. Community colleges and local governments should have the right to restrict smoking on their own grounds.

Click here to help stop SB 703 in its tracks!

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