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ACT FAST: Tell Your Legislators to Support CPR Training in Schools!


Cardiac arrest can happen anywhere….at the mall, at the park, at a local sporting event or even in the halls of a local school.  Having a bystander around that knows CPR can make all the difference for a person who’s heart stops suddenly.

S 160, a bill to train students in CPR before they graduate, is now coming before the Full Senate for a vote. It's made good progress through committees and we must make sure it keeps moving forward.

S 160 would allow for a whole new class of young citizens in South Carolina will learn CPR, a valuable skill – a skill they will be able to carry with them for a lifetime.

Please take action quickly: Tell your legislators you want them to support S 160.

When someone's heart stops beating, every second is precious. But when an individual on the scene performs CPR before paramedics arrive, the victim is two to three times more likely to survive. Unfortunately, the majority of those who suffer sudden cardiac arrest don't get this simple, lifesaving treatment, because 70% of Americans don't know how to perform CPR. It's heartbreaking, but it's also something we can fix.

Many schools across the country are implementing CPR training in schools at no cost or as little as $1/student. Effective Hands-Only CPR can be taught in the time it takes to watch a TV sitcom. That's an investment well worth it to help prepare citizens to be able to save a life.

Let your legislators know that you support training out students in CPR today.

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