Access to Health Care is Essential

The American Heart Association is proud of our work in support of increasing access to affordable healthcare for all Idahoans, and right now, that access might be more important than ever before. During an economic crisis, we expect the state will have to make budget cuts, however, in this pandemic, we are seeing how closely individual health is tied to economic productivity, compelling us to protect health care coverage relied upon by so many Idahoans.

As of right now we do not expect Governor Little to call a special legislative session but we do know that come January the legislature will reconvene and will have to make difficult budget decisions. 

hero_image_alt_text===A stethoscope over a piece of paper
thumbnail_alt_text===A stethoscope over a piece of paper

While we don't know exactly when the legislature will next meet we do know that Governor Little has asked state agencies to prepare budget cuts of 5% or more across the board, and that includes the Medicaid program. This could not be more dangerous, slashing benefits just as they are needed most could be a disaster. We need to protect our work force and improve our economic recovery by safeguarding Medicaid funding.

Please take a minute and send a note to Governor Little asking him to exempt Medicaid from any potential budget cuts, and to protect the health of all Idahoans.

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