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This month the spotlight is on Ashlea Konecny. Ashlea has been an advocate with the AHA in Kansas for a while. She got involved through her family, but when her son was born with a heart defect, it became even more personal.

hero_image_alt_text===Ashlea and Caden
thumbnail_alt_text===Ashlea and Caden

Caden has had to go through 3 heart surgeries before he was 12 and will likely need more. Ashlea understands that the work the AHA does helps families like her and kids like Caden who need access to quality health care.

Ashlea recently put her passion into action by testifying against short term health plans in Kansas. These plans would provide substandard health insurance and affect families like Ashlea’s and anyone else with a pre-existing condition.

Ashlea’s testimony was so compelling, it helped table the dangerous bill and make the legislators really think about what they were supporting. Its through the simple actions of folks like Ashlea that we can make changes that impact families everywhere.

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