A Health Insurance Answer in an Uncertain Time

There has been much discussion regarding the impact of our recent election.  Given all of the uncertainty, there are many things we do know. 


We should continue efforts in working to ensure all Americans are covered by health insurance. Health insurance navigators and outreach workers are moving forward to enroll as many people as possible, and so should we.

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AHA is working diligently to spread the word about open enrollment, and lift up the stories of those who are counting on this coverage. They are working to make it more difficult to justify possibly taking that coverage away.

In a recent blog Sylvia Burwell, Health and Human Services Secretary, noted the following:
From now until January 31, people in every state can visit HealthCare.gov to shop for affordable, quality health coverage.
This is our fourth Open Enrollment, and over the past three, we’ve learned a few things.

• We know that one of the big barriers to coverage is that many people still don’t think they can afford it. Here’s the reality: Most people shopping on HealthCare.gov will be able to find health coverage for less than $75 per month after tax credits. And about 85 percent of current Marketplace customers and uninsured Americans eligible for the Marketplace qualify for financial assistance to make coverage more affordable. Even people who didn’t qualify for tax credits last year may qualify this year, especially if their income changed or if they live in places where premiums have grown. Take a look on HealthCare.gov today to see if you qualify for financial assistance.

• We know that people are using the tools on HealthCare.gov to find the best plan for themselves and their families – tools that help them search for plans that cover their doctor and the medications they need.

• People can even compare plans by how much they think they’d spend over the course of a year, given how often they would need care. Visit HealthCare.gov, and try it out yourself.

• We know that people who shop around can save money. Returning customers to HealthCare.gov could save if they take the time to shop around for more affordable plans on the Marketplace. Specifically, people could save an average of $682 in premiums over the course of the year if they select the lowest-cost plan in the same metal level they picked last year. Check out your options at HealthCare.gov.

• We know that people like the fact that they can’t be locked out of coverage because they have a pre-existing condition, or face annual or lifetime dollar limits on their coverage, or be charged more just because of their gender. These are benefits that the Affordable Care Act provides to everyone, no matter where they buy coverage.

• Today, 20 million more people have health coverage. Our uninsured rate is the lowest in American history. Families across the country are safer, and our communities are healthier because of it. But we still have work to do. There are still people who may be eligible for coverage and the financial assistance to help them afford it, and they just don’t know it yet! So help us spread the word, and take a look at your options on HealthCare.gov today.

The American Heart Association is committed to working in the best interests of our advocates and volunteers across the country. Check back often with us for updates on the issues that affect you!


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