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A Grand Slam to protect Maine Kids—Raising the legal sales age of tobacco to 21!

Did you know that 95% of adult smokers began smoking before they turned 21?

hero_image_alt_text===girl playing softball

Did you know that 700 Maine kids begin the journey to addiction each year by becoming daily smokers?

Did you know that most of these beginning smokers get cigarettes from friends and 90% of those friends are under the age of 21?

The ages of 18-21 are a critical period when many smokers move from experimental smoking to regular, daily use. We, at the American Heart Association are doing everything we can to keep tobacco out of the hands of kids like this little league player.  That is why we support LD 1108 which is a bill that raises the legal sales age of tobacco products to 21. This strongly bi-partisan measure would go a long way to help keep tobacco out of the hands of our kids. The tobacco industry is very adept at luring kids with sweet flavors, cool marketing and low prices.

The American Heart Association is in the state house fighting for our kids against the hoards (really, there are ton of them) of tobacco industry lobbyists and their proxies, the convenience stores.  They want appealing, cheap tobacco available to Mainers as young as they are allowed.

Of course, we have the evidence on our side (as well as public opinion).  Now, I just need your help to carry that message to Augusta. 

Please make sure you respond to my email asking you to talk to your legislators about Tobacco 21.  Help us round the bases and head to home plate.



PS:  Oh, and if this kiddo makes it to the Red Sox, you can thank our Massachusetts counterparts, staff and volunteers, for the fact that Fenway is tobacco-free!

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