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One of the new policy areas being explored by the American Heart Association is Telephone-CPR or T-CPR. T-CPR is the process where an emergency dispatcher helps someone who calls 9-11 recognize that someone is having a cardiac arrest and deliver CPR until EMS providers arrive. 

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The time interval from collapse to initiation of CPR is a critical factor in determining survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. If the emergency dispatcher is well-trained, they can typically identify cardiac arrest within 1 minute and begin T-CPR within two minutes of the call. In contrast, the interval from 9-11 call to EMS providers arriving at the patient is often 8+ minutes. 

The advocacy team has been out in the community talking to folks about how T-CPR can help save lives and asking members of the community to sign a support card that will be delivered to decision-makers as we work to pass policies to get more emergency responders trained to deliver T-CPR. 


One of the community events we traveled to this month was at the Denver Health Rita Health Trauma and EMS Education Institute on November 4. This training focused on increasing bystander CPR rates by training potential lifesavers with Adult Hands-Only CPR and Infant CPR. Denver is one of many cities where such training were hosted. Other training locations have included Boulder, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Greeley, Loveland and Pueblo. Participants that successfully completed the received a CPR Anytime Kit to take home and practice the life-saving skills learned at the training.

Big thanks to our volunteer who talked to community members at the event! 

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