A Precious Little Life Saved


Over the past year you have received several messages about the importance of ensuring that all newborns in Rhode Island receive a pulse oximetry (or “pulse ox”) test prior to discharge from the hospital to screen for critical congenital heart defects.  Why is this so important?  Just nine days after enactment of California’s Pulse Ox Bill, a newborn failed the mandatory screening alerting doctors that her body was not receiving enough oxygen.  Acquiring this knowledge so quickly allowed doctors to repair the defect in her aorta within her first week of life. 

Many thanks to our You’re the Cure advocates who have already taken action on this issue!  If you haven’t had a chance to take action – it’s not too late! 

Please click the following link to tell Governor Chafee that we need pulse ox in Rhode Island: http://yourethecure.org/aha/advocacy/composeletters.aspx?AlertID=33476

The number of states that require pulse ox screening for newborns continues to grow.   Rhode Island has been working on a pilot program and we applaud the hospitals in our state for stepping up to the plate.  Now it’s time to make pulse ox screening mandatory in the Ocean State.

Thank you for your continued advocacy!  Please help us spread the word – ask family and friends to take action, too.

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