A New Year and New Congress


The 114th Congress takes office this month, at a time when more Americans than ever are dedicated to expanding and improving healthcare access, while at the same time working to control costs. While some members of Congress might think they don’t have much in common with some of their colleagues, we know they all share at least one incredibly important challenge: too many of their constituents are killed every year by cardiovascular disease and stroke.

From joining the bipartisan Congressional Heart and Stroke Coalition to serving as a voice of awareness on the prevalence and severity of CVD and stroke, your member has an incredible opportunity to spread the word on all the critical aspects of our work: from research to quality and availability of care, to helping their constituents gain access to educational materials that will help them lead a heart-healthy life.

We’ll be in touch with you later this month about the various ways that you can reach out to your member of Congress to introduce yourself and the You’re the Cure campaign, and to help them understand why taking the necessary steps to reduce the toll of cardiovascular disease and stroke is more important than ever.

By demonstrating that engaged advocates from across their states and districts are paying attention on the issues that impact our country’s heart health, your member of Congress will understand that we’re there to not only support them in their endeavors but hold them accountable as well. As we look to achieve even more when it comes to federal policy in 2015, we know that your support is why we’ll win.

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