A New Year's Resolution that Matters


This year, why not make a resolution that matters and is really easy to keep?

We have a number of legislative priorities we’ll be promoting at the Statehouse to help Vermonters live healthier lives. Pick one or two and make a pledge to be a champion. If one of them passes, you’ll feel like a rock star, guaranteed!

Make a vow to make a phone call to a legislator, write a letter to the editor or attend a legislative breakfast in your community and let your lawmakers know the issue is important to you. I’ll provide whatever help you need! Just pick an issue below and make a difference! Contact me at [email protected].

Improve Nutrition in Restaurant Kids MealsEnsure all restaurant meals marketed to children meet nutrition standards. Remove sugar-sweetened beverages from all restaurant kids’ meals.

Congenital Heart Defect Screening – Require all Vermont birthing facilities to screen for congenital heart defects in infants using pulse oximetry screening.

Tobacco Control Program Funding – Protect and increase public funding for state tobacco prevention and cessation programs to the 2014 funding level of $3.9 million.

E-cigarettes – Include e-cigarettes in Vermont’s clean indoor air laws, ensuring that electronic cigarettes are not used in any place of business that is accessible to the public.  In addition to conventional tobacco products, exposure to vapor from unregulated tobacco substitutes such as e-cigarettes presents a potential threat to public health while normalizing smoking behavior. 

Obesity Prevention – Require nutrition standards for food purchased or sold by the State of Vermont. Fund obesity prevention efforts. Require road construction and reconstruction create complete streets that are safe and convenient for all users and all modes of transportation.

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