A Medical Research Fly-In Volunteer who truly leads a "Civic Minded" Life


Kevin Ward lives and breathes the concept of leading a “Civic Minded” life.

He has participated in a number of Heart Walks and is setting up a car show to benefit the American Heart Association.

His first cardiac event occurred at age 16 while he was sitting in class.

It was at this point his life changed. He was a tri-athlete and was unable to participate in the activities he loved due to the unexpected loss of consciousness from the sudden drop in his pulse rate.

In 2007, Kevin was diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome. “I missed a ton of school and a ton of my life due to this syndrome”.
After many years of not knowing the cause of his condition, a visiting doctor at Yale Hospital recognized the telltale signs of Brugada Syndrome. 

Soon after tests confirmed the diagnosis, Kevin received his first pacemaker/defibrillator in 2007; The diagnosis brought to an end the nightmare of not knowing when the next episode of passing out or possibly going into cardiac fibrillation because of his eradicate pulse rate. 

He now leads a normal life, is married and is the father of two young and healthy children. He attributes the positive turn in his life to perseverance and the investment in medical research.

Kevin recently received his second pacemaker / defibrillator. Even while home recuperating, Kevin continued his passion for giving and designed a Tribute Truck in support of the families impacted by the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Newtown.

Kevin will be attending the American Heart Association’s Rally for Medical Research Hill Day in our Naton's Capital to ask his Congresswoman, Rosa De Lauro, to support funding for the National Institute of Health.

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