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A big win for NIH research!


UPDATE (12.18.15): The U.S. Congress just passed the bill and the President is expected to sign the legislation. We did it! Congratulations to all of our You're the Cure advocates for your hard work!

Original post:

Big news! Today, Congress released a bill providing the National Institutes of Health (NIH) an additional $2 billion in funding? After a long fight to secure more support for medical research, we can now claim victory! Final passage is the next step.

How did this happen?
Simple. Because of the hard work of advocates like you all-over the country over the past few years. Since 2012, look at everything we’ve done together to achieve this accomplishment.

  • Almost 45,000 emails sent to Capitol Hill.
  • Over 750 You’re the Cure advocates made the trip to Washington, DC to personally ask their lawmakers to increase NIH funding. Many volunteers visited district offices as well.
  • Volunteers testifying on Capitol Hill
  • This year, thousands signed a petition telling Congress that we would not stop fighting for NIH.
  • And much more…

Even though this success took years to achieve, the results will last a lifetime.
What does this funding increase for NIH really mean?
This means after budget cuts and funding increases that failed to keep pace with medical research inflation, NIH is finally getting the support it deserves. This means more researchers will be able to stay in the lab and follow their passion instead of leaving the profession. And ultimately, this means we will continue to discover innovative treatments, bringing us closer to a cure and to achieving our mission of reducing disability and death from heart disease and stroke. 
What’s next?
We all should celebrate this victory, but we are not done fighting for more funding of lifesaving medical research. Next year, Congress will again decide on budgets and we must be ready to make sure NIH is a priority.
And after this year, I will be ready. Will you?

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