Yes, I’m the Jump Rope Girl!

Hello everyone!

My name is Kelly Lamb and I am the Youth Market Director for the American Heart Association for Greater Arkansas. What does that mean? I work with students in approximately 150 schools across the state teaching heart healthy habits and the value of philanthropic contributions and advocacy for heart research. Most know our youth program by its former name, Jump Rope for Heart. But, for our 40th year in schools we have updated programs and a name too, Kids Heart Challenge! We are proud to get students moving and thinking about their health. And yes, we still jump rope!

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thumbnail_alt_text===Photo of Kelly and a friend

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I am based in Little Rock, but I travel to every corner of the state except Northwest Arkansas. My fabulous teammate, Tracy Davenport, covers that corner. Yes, I drive a lot! 30,000 miles last year to be exact. While I spend a lot of time on the road traveling to all my schools, it is more than worth it! My job is unique because I get to combine development efforts for the American Heart Association while training the next generation of heart advocates. My first year in the position was truly humbling to see students from every demographic across the state find the value in supporting the AHA and learning to change their own personal habits to have a healthier future. And they often encourage their family members to do the same after exposure to our programs.

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There truly is nothing better than advocating for health equity within Arkansas communities and teaching our future leaders how they can do the same! If you would like more information about how to get your school involved with the AHA, please email me at [email protected] and if you're not already a You're The Cure advocate with the American Heart Association please take a moment and add your voice HERE!

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