Kristina Hill, Massachusetts

Kristina Hill had a stroke seven years ago, at the age of 14 – after she arrived home from middle school one day.

hero_image_alt_text===Image of Kristina Hill.

Kristina, who was a star hockey player at the time, wound up at Children’s Hospital in Boston, where her parents got the inconceivable news.

“Mr. and Mrs. Hill, your daughter has had a stroke,’’ Kristina recalled hearing the doctor say. “And I’m sitting there like, ‘So what’s a stroke?’ Am I going to be at my hockey tournament this weekend? That was my main concern.’’ It has been a long road back, but the girl who doctors thought might not walk again is a sophomore at Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts, and plays on the women’s soccer team. Kristina also regularly volunteers to speak to school assemblies. “It really hits home because I go and speak at a middle school and I go, ‘Which one of you guys are in 8th grade?’’’ Kristina said. “And a bunch of 8th-graders hands go up. Well I was in 8th grade when I had my stroke.’’

Kristina has been an amazing advocate since her stroke. She feels strongly that her story has given her a voice fight against Heart Disease and Stroke. After my stroke, she lost her ability to walk, talk and do simply things like brush her hair, but today she stands up and shares her story of survival.

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