4300 kids become daily smokers in CT each year. 4,300 kids.


It’s a scary number that leads to even scarier disease and death. But the good news is that we have a proven solution.  Kids are particular vulnerable to price increases.  By raising the state cigarette tax by just 95 cents, bringing us in line with neighboring states like New York, we can prevent kids from a lifetime of addiction.  And the good news gets even better. If we use the money raised by the increase on proven public health measures like cessation, prevention and education programs we can save even more lives. It’s a simple and proven solution. But we need your help.  They are making decisions in Hartford now and we need them to hear from you.   Click here to take action today! 

Let us know what you think by replying to this blog? Is 95 cents worth it?

Need more proof. Check out these stats:

Smoking-caused health care cost in CT per pack of cigarettes sold = $14.30. Current state cigarette tax = $3.40 per pack. Wow.  That puts .95 cents in perspective.

Annual health care expenditures in Connecticut directly caused by tobacco use:  $1.63 billion

Smoking-caused state Medicaid program spending each year:  $430 million

New Annual Revenue from Increasing the Cigarette Tax Rate by 95 Cents Per Pack:  $50.68 million. It's a step in the rigth direction.

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