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3 Incredible Reasons to Celebrate, Kentucky!

Three lifesaving policies, one simple word: INCREDIBLE. 

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You raised your voice and lawmakers heard you. Thanks to ongoing outreach to Kentucky legislators throughout the 2022 Legislative Session, You're the Cure advocates--like you--helped pass an incredible THREE policies that will improve health across the Commonwealth.

1. You helped increase access to healthcare for Kentucky's new moms. Individuals with pregnancy-related Medicaid coverage typically lose their benefits 60 days after the end of pregnancy. A growing body of evidence shows some of the most dangerous pregnancy-related complications – preeclampsia, blood clots, and heart problems such as cardiomyopathy – may not surface until weeks or months after delivery. Senate Bill 178 was passed and included language that will extend this benefit post-delivery to one full year, ensuring Kentucky's new moms have continuous, uninterrupted access to care to address their ongoing health needs.

2. You spoke out to improve care for Kentucky's stroke patients. Because of outreach to lawmakers from You're the Cure advocates like you, Kentucky's stroke bill, Senate Bill 55, was passed. This legislation adds a new level of stroke hospital designation to include thrombectomy capable centers. This policy will help ensure Kentuckians who experience stroke get the appropriate facility in the right amount of time, increasing their chances of returning home to loved ones and resuming their daily activities.

3. You helped create a coordinated system of care for Kentucky's heart attack patients. You helped ensure passage of House Bill 512, which establishes the foundation of a coordinated heart attack system of care in Kentucky. This legislation will save lives by creating heart hospital designation as Level I, Level II, or Level III. This designation helps ensure every Kentuckian, regardless of where they live, receives timely access to quality care with seamless transition from one stage to the next, while also creating more communication and collaboration between hospitals and EMS around the state.

Please take a quick moment now to send a message of thanks to lawmakers for supporting policies that create a healthier Kentucky.

None of this would have been possible without your voice. Again, thank you for being an incredible advocate for a healthier Kentucky!

With Heart,

Shannon Smith and Melissa Brown
Your Kentucky AHA Advocacy Team

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