2024 Idaho Legislative Session Wrap Up

Thanks to great volunteers and advocates, we’re happy to share that despite the ups and downs, our Legislative Session 2024 has ended with some great success for the health of all Idahoans!

Priority Issues

House Bill 633, which extends postpartum Medicaid coverage to a full twelve months, up from 60 days, allowing new mothers to maintain healthcare coverage for a full year after childbirth, passed after many negotiations. We are hopeful this can reverse some of the tragic trends we’ve seen in Idaho, with the last several years of maternal mortality increasing. The Governor signed HB 633, making it effective, on March 25th, 2024. We also supported funding for this legislation (HB 750), as well as bringing back the Maternal Mortality Review Committee (HB 399), which provides for the review of maternal deaths to improve outcomes. Together this legislation will help improve health outcomes for new moms and their families.

We were also able to prevent House Bill 419 from moving forward, which would have essentially repealed Medicaid Expansion, which provides health care coverage for approximately 145,000 Idahoans. Preventing this legislation from moving forward ensures that many low-income Idahoans will not lose critical health care coverage they would not otherwise be able to afford.

Our efforts to promote investment in tobacco control were furthered through our amazing youth volunteers on our 10th Annual Youth Lobby Day, where students and volunteers were able to discuss investment in education, prevention, and targeted interventions for youth nicotine and tobacco use. Our efforts helped ensure over $9 million in funding tobacco control, with a large portion focused on youth.

We’ll be continuing this work in communities across the state to help improve the health of all Idahoans. If you want to do more to support our advocacy efforts, we encourage you to reach out to our Advocacy and Grassroots teams for additional efforts.

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