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2015 Legislative Breakfast


More than 40 advocates gathered at the Cornhusker Hotel last week for training and a review of important legislative issues being in the 2015 Legislative session.  Volunteers heard from advocates whose lives have been profoundly impacted by heart disease and stroke.  Jill Duis, survivor and long-time AHA volunteer welcomed advocates to this year's event and shared a bit of her story of survival from both a congenital heart defect and a stroke.  Her efforts in advocacy and fundraising have made a impact on heart health in our state. 

Melinda Kentfield shared her tragic story of the loss of her son, Taylor, to sudden cardiac arrest.  Taylor was out jogging when he suddenly collapsed, and was not able to receive immediate CPR.  Melinda shares her story as a way to encourage everyone to learn Hands Only CPR. Melinda doesn't want what happened to Taylor to happen to another family and is advocating for Hands Only CPR to be included as a high school graduation requirement. Pam Miller, Grassroots Advocacy Director for the American Heart Association also shared the story of her 78 year old father who was saved by bystander CPR when he had sudden cardiac arrest last year. 

These and other heart health issues are important reasons how our advocates can make a difference when it comes to legislative policy.  When lawmakers hear how congenital heart defects, Stroke, sudden cardiac arrest and CPR affect Nebraskans, it can have a lasting impact and ultimately lead to effective policy change. 

Even though our Legislative breakfast is over until next year, our advocates can participate in the discussion by reading their Advocacy Pulse newsletter every month, by taking action on Action Alerts, by contacting their Senators on issues of interest to them and by raising their voice to ensure their concerns are heard in Lincoln.  We need your voice to improve the cardiovascular health of our state! 

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