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Time is Running Out to Get Covered


Having quality health care coverage is critical to preventing and treating heart disease and stroke.  That’s why we want to make sure everyone knows that the deadline to enroll in a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace is March 31st!

Since the Marketplace opened on October 1st, 2013, over 4 million Americans have signed up for a private health insurance plan- and millions more have qualified or re-qualified for Medicaid. 

If you or a loved one is still needs health care coverage, here are some key facts you need to know to enroll in a quality, affordable plan by March 31st:

  • Security and peace-of-mind are just a click or call away.  You can sign up 24 hours a day, 7-days a week at or by calling 1-800-318-2596.  You can even get in-person help in your own community
  • If you don’t enroll by March 31st, you can’t enroll again until November 2014 and may have to pay a penalty.   
  • Concerned you can’t afford a plan? Across the country, 6 out of 10 uninsured Americans can get covered for $100 per month or less.  Financial assistance is available based on your income and family size.  For example, a Dallas family of four earning $50,000/year can get covered for as little as $26 per month.  To learn more, visit
  • All plans offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace must cover 10 ‘essential health benefits’ to ensure quality coverage.   
  • Don’t delay; sign up today!  It is highly recommended not to wait until March 31st to begin this process.  Individuals and families who submit an application by March 15th can have coverage as soon as April 1st

The reality is that we all know someone who still needs to enroll in health care coverage and we can help make sure they know about the March 31st open enrollment deadline.  Here are a couple easy ways you can share the friendly reminder to #GetCovered: 

1)      Join the Department of Health and Human Services’ Thunderclap!  Sign-up for this Twitter event today to be part of the flood of #GetCovered tweets that will be sent on March 17th to help reach millions of people.

2)      Share our new infographic with a friend (or all of your friends!) on Facebook. 

Share Your Story: Are you one of the millions of Americans who have gained health care coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace?  Tell us your story in the comments below or by completing our story form

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