1800 Calories


1800 calories.

I went online to see how many calories an average woman burns while shoveling snow. It is about 400 an hour. So, I figure that over the past week or so, I burned 1800 calories. This is great for almost all of me. My shoulder, however, disagrees.

The piles at the end of my driveway are so tall that I have to actually bend my knees and hurl the snow backwards over my shoulder or it will just come crashing back on my head. . However, it is nice to be able to exercise outside and the fresh air feels great.

I actually don’t mind shoveling, except when I am racing the clock to get to the state house. Then it is less fun. Next week looks to be a very busy one for the American Heart Association. We have our Hall of Flags Event (more in the next post) and potential committee votes on our efforts to provide medical coverage to 70,000 adults. Also, the Appropriations Committee just announced that they are considering a tax on cigarettes and other types of tobacco products to help close the budget gap.

More than enough to keep me running when I am not shoveling.

The tobacco tax proposal is identical to one the American Heart Association pushed last year--$1.50 a pack on cigarettes and an equal tax on other tobacco products. You will be hearing more from me about how you can help us with that and other efforts. So, please stay tuned (when you are not out shoveling).

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