100 Smoke-free Cities!

We are celebrating a big milestone: 100 cities all across Texas have passed comprehensive Smoke-Free ordinances, protecting 15.2 million Texans from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke! Without the leadership of these cities, our partner organizations, and - most importantly - volunteers and advocates like you, this achievement would not have been possible. 

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We often throw around the term "comprehensive smoke-free ordinance," but what does that actually mean? In order for an ordinance to be comprehensive, it means there's no smoking in all indoor areas of private workplaces, restaurants, and bars, with no exceptions. 

Why is that important? Because each year, approximately 443,000 persons in the U.S. die prematurely as a result of smoking or
exposure to secondhand smoke. Some studies have suggested that brief exposure to second-hand smoke can damage the lining of blood vessels, cause blood platelets to become stickier, and lead to a deadly heart attack. That's why we fight every day to strengthen smoke-free ordinances across Texas and the nation. 

Let's take a look at the 100 cities in Texas that are proud to be smoke-free -- 

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If you don't see your city, click here to sign up to help make it happen where you live! We're constantly finding new towns and cities that are ready to take this important step. 

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